I wish I had majored in computer science….

So, since about May, this blog has been crazy- as in won’t download a single photo, or nada.  It won’t even allow me to put a title on the page.  We’re still working on it, and I’m about to give in and start a totally different one, but for the sake of saving info, I’m trying my hardest to wait.  For recent work, please go to facebook and check out our page, Tiffany Hughes Photography.  Also, contact me through the website.  In the meantime, I’m going to buy a Halloween wig (while the season is upon us) to cover all the places where I’ve pulled my hair out from this crazy mess.

Christi and John…

Christi, with the beautiful, red hair and contagious smile, is a smart one.  For one, she’s a physician.  Two, she chose John as her husband.  That’s a sweet one, that guy.  He’s smitten with her.  Absolutely smitten.  She told us of their story while we were waiting for her to get dressed.  It was pretty much by chance that it all happened, but isn’t that how the best things in life usually happen (with God steering us all along, of course?).  It was just a fabulous day.  Courtney, with Invision Events, pulled the day of without a hitch.  Julie, owner of Invision Events, had made several trips down to Mobile to put finishing touches on the the design for the Crystal Ballroom of The Battle House Hotel, and I’m not positive how they did it, but they did it, and boy was it a sight for sore eyes.  There are a couple of things you learn about weddings when you’ve been in the biz as long as I have and seen as much as I’ve seen-  stick with tradition, throw in your personality, and don’t be trendy.  There is nothing more beautiful than a classic, traditional ceremony that is calming and beautiful.  Nothing.  Special thanks to Stacy Perry, who filled in for Tara who happened to have a baby girl today!  yay!  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner for the weekend!  She’s a keeper.  Enjoy.

PCA Ministry Partners and Faye Blackburn Fundraiser…

We’re very excited to announce a fundraiser benefiting PCA Ministry Partners and a PCA parent, Faye Blackburn, who is battling cancer. Most of you are familiar with Prattville Christian Academy’s Ministry Partners and the opportunities that it provides for the children that attend PCA. Faye Blackburn has been fighting cancer and has recently faced challenges with new treatments.

If you’re interested in booking a session, please click on the ORANGE tab below, choose option you’d like to purchase, select “next available time April 20″, and choose your time.  You’ll then be directed to PayPal to pay. Additional times will be added depending on need. If this date does not work, please contact me (with the “get in touch” tab at the top of the blog) and I’ll set up another date for those who already have something planned on this date.  Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with location and time.

Gift certificates may also be purchased for full sessions. These will benefit PCA Ministry Partners and can must be redeemed by December 1, 2013. Certificates can be purchased until April 19, 2013.
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Amy and Eric…Part one

We haven’t been posting a bunch on the blog since we’re updating and creating a new one.  Boo the creative process (only when it takes forever).  BUT I had to show y’all these from Amy and Eric’s wedding last weekend.  I met Amy and Eric via phone 2 years ago.  Yep.  2 YEARS AGO!  I always joked with them that we had to get past the Mayan Calendar End of the World prediction before we could look forward to their wedding.  Well, December 21, 2012 passed and ushered in a fabulous March 16, 2013.  The weekend started out at Ross Bridge Resort in Birmingham, AL with a wonderful rehearsal dinner complete with a southern buffet, since a majority of their family was from New York.  Then, on to the wedding day which couldn’t have been more picture perfect.  We went from 11am to 12am non-stop and loved every minute of it.  Amy and Eric’s family couldn’t have been more welcoming to us.  I told her dad at the end of the night that they just had to let me be a part of the family.  Had to.  Wonderful Neillie of Mariee Ami in Birmingham was the planner, along with Kathleen.  I don’t have to tell you that I’m a huge fan of Neillie’s.  She has my heart.  And makes me laugh, and most importantly, the bride laugh.  That’s huge when the stresses of the day have taken its toll on your nerves, hair and feet.  I’ll post more pics later, but had to get these posted or I’d feel like I’d forgotten something- like that spring breaker that forgot to get her spray tan.  Love y’all much.  Part TWO coming soon!

Ansley and Wes…

Well.  Sometimes when you’re having fun, you don’t realize that it’s 50 degrees out with a windchill factor of 25 degrees (OK- maybe not 25, but close too it).  This weekend, we had the honor of documenting the wedding of Ansley and Wes at The Church In The Pines and Willow Point Country Club at Lake Martin, AL.   I had only met Ansley once before the wedding, in February I think, but I quickly realized that this girl was something special.  She greeted us at her villa with a hug and a smile, and NO NERVOUSNESS.  None.  I’m talking Valium non-nervousness, only no Valium had been ingested.  That’s true love, I say.  No nervousness means that you’ve found the man of your dreams and you know it.  The man of Ansley’s dreams was Wes.  Cutest and sweetest guy ever.  Neillie Butler of Mariee Ami Wedding Planning Studio just needs to show up for Halloween without a costume, because after seeing her work her magic, she’s already SuperWoman, a fortune teller, and a magician wrapped up into one petite little frame, without the costumes.  Love. Her.  Adore. Her.  (More coming soon about her little yellow purse that apparently held the secrets to the universe, along with bandaids, pins, etc.  She doesn’t know that I took photos of it, nor does she know that I’m gonna get the scoop on what was inside of it from her this week.)  Also making the wedding perfect was Mandy Majerek of HotHouse Design in Birmingham.  J. Ross Railey and the HotHouse team worked their magic with florals at the wedding and at the reception.  Didn’t know you could do so much with twice and lace.  Beautiful as always.  Peggy McKinney baked her cakes that as usual made mouths water.  Food was provided by Willow Point Country Club and included…wait for it….a taco bar.  A taco bar.  Did ya hear me?  A taco bar.
So, as you can see, Ansley and Wes had a fabulous day.  Tara and I fell in love with your families and your wedding party (crazy groomsmen, and all).  Thank you so much for trusting us to capture your day.  Have a wonderful time in Antigua, and enjoy your preview.  We adore you both.