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Wow. There are times that you know you’re working and there’s a time when you know that God’s working, and this is most assuredly the latter. I am so thankful to say that we have been featured on the Weddings Unveiled Magazine blog, Completely Unveiled, this past week. The wonderful gals over there contacted me for an interview and I gladly obliged. Y’all are amazing. The whole magazine makes me drool. Take a look at this link if you’re interested in anything I have to say. If you’re not, take a look anyway ’cause it’s pure southern eye candy.  Thanks you girls.

AND…much to my surprise (well, kinda) I went to Books A Million today to do my weekly magazine shopping.  And I found this:

I knew the magazine was coming out soon, but was pleasantly surprised (crap….cut the sweet stuff…I almost peed in my pants) when I saw this!!!  Last Halloween, we shot Robin and Brad’s wedding.  Robin and Brad are a pair.  So dang cute and sweet.  The two are lawyers from Chicago with roots in Birmingham and pulled off a wedding like nobody’s business.  We’re talking Alice in Wonderland themed rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  So, fast forward months and months….the editor from Phyllis Hoffman’s CELEBRATE Magazine (the same fabulous folks who publish Paula Deen magazine, Southern of my faves) contacted me and asked if they could do a story on their fab wedding.  I said “Heck, yea!”  and the rest is history.  I don’t think you understand….let me say that I read this magazine every season that a new one comes out.  To me, it’s like Alabama football is to my husband.  It is the end-all to everything gorgeous and scrumptious.  Congrats you two.  Love you a ton Mr. and Mrs. Robertson.  And Happy EARLY Anniversary.

Katie Phillips - September 17, 2010 - 1:09 pm

Love the new site design! And WOW! Congratulations on all the fabulous articles!

Whitney Pinkston - September 20, 2010 - 6:58 pm

I just looked at it. I busted laughing in a super quiet office about the Dyson vacuum cleaner. I love reading about you! Congratulations on getting in the magazine blog! You deservie it and so much more!!!!!!!!

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