Thanks to all of you…

I’d be lying like a dog if I said that the past month hasn’t been irritating, trying and very telling all wrapped up into one.  Like I posted last week, I had surgery for kidney stones last Monday, but what I haven’t told most is that I’m not doing that great.  You think kidney stones, you think pass them and you think get on with your life, because that’s what has happened a million times for me.  But not this time…it’s still going on and with doctor appointments constantly, I just want to say that I’m so sick of it.  I am about as independent as you get and this little lesson has put a halt on my independence.  That- minus the pain and nausea- is killing me.

I want to say that I apparently have a support system that I didn’t even know I had.  My family is of course there for me like crazy.  That’s a given.  But there are some folks who stepped in and have called and emailed to help all that they could.  For that I’m grateful and amazed.  Those folks are photographers around the area that have become a second family to me.  To Dianna Paulk, Wes Roberts, Alisa Lynn, Lori Mercer and to my beautiful Dana and Jayme, I owe you.  And I adore you.  Thanks for calling and jumping in to help with editing, second-shooting, first-shooting, calling around for replacements,  and everything else in between.  You have a place in my heart forever.  To Katy, thank you for painting and doing what you always do best- listening.

Hopefully, this is ending soon.  Please pray for me.


betsy waller - October 18, 2010 - 12:03 am

tiffany – you are definitely in my prayers and my family is praying for you also. Alisa Lynn came to the wedding Saturday with Dana and they were wonderful. I hate that you couldn’t be there, but your health is the most important thing. Hope to talk to you soon. We can’t wait to see the amazing pictures that they took!

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