Betsy and Kevin…

Let me give you a little background info:  this is the first wedding in 3 years that I haven’t been able to shoot.  Well, minus one more, of which the bride (Jayme) now works with us.  Sometimes things are out of your hands and as hard as it is, you have to hand it over to someone you trust.  This past weekend, I did just that.  All week I had told Betsy that I would be there.  Then Thursday hit, and I realized that for not only my sake and my kidney’s sake, the bed rest that the doctor put me on had to be done.  So, after a phone call and hysteria, Dana said in her calming voice, “I’ll be ok.  You get well and we’ll make it.”  So, I called Alisa Lynn, beautiful photog and friend from Clanton, and asked her to cover until Dana got there.  And she did.  And for one day, I was calm and knew that they would work their magic.  I knew that Betsy was in the best hands she could be in if she couldn’t be in mine, so I swallowed hard and believed in them.  And boy, did they do a fab job.  I haven’t seen Alisa’s photos yet.  But these that Dana shot below, are just wonderful.  It doesn’t hurt that you have a beautiful bride who’s hair absolutely glistened and a groom with a smile the size of Texas, of course.  But Dana did a great job capturing them.  Hands down.

I downloaded the cards for my editing job and just ooohhhed and ahhhhhed.  The colors that Betsy chose, and the scenery was just drop-dead gorgeous.  The wedding was held at her aunt’s house in Georgianna and the reception was held at Greenville.  From what I hear, Captain Morgan (aka- crazy groomsman) made an appearance, as did the Heisman Trophy Winner (aka-another crazy groomsmen).  Oh…can’t forget the most handsome man in the world (Betsy’s dad).  Y’all made Dana and Alisa feel so at home.  I want to thank y’all for that and for understanding that if I could have been there, I would have.  At least I can edit for ya’ huh?  That’s kind of like being there in a not being there kind of way.  Anyway, Betsy, you’re just a wonderful person, and I hope Kevin knows what a prize he took home on Saturday.  Thank you Dana- you’re my right arm.  Thank you Alisa- you’re my peace.

Holly Adams - October 23, 2010 - 2:08 am

These photos are beautiful! Absolutely breathtaking! I can’t think of a more beautiful wedding or a more deserving couple!! =)

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