War Eagle…

Today, the family hopped in the car and headed off to my alma mater- Auburn University.  I NEVER pass up an opportunity to go to Auburn- especially after a game win ’cause Toomer’s corner warms my heart like nothing else.  I just can’t tell you unless you’ve lived it too, how good it makes you feel.  There’s a quietness the day after a big game, but it’s a quietness full of energy.  So many memories.

And then there were these two-  Britt and Jessica.  So much fun.  Britt would just kiss her head and there was just such a sweetness there.  And they’re Auburn folks, so that just puts them in another league (Yea…I love you Bammers too…my husband’s one of them and apparently has brainwashed my child to be one too).  Had a great time you two.  Hope you love what you see.

dawn - November 15, 2010 - 6:54 pm

Beautiful pics of my beautiful Daughter and her wonderful Britt…They made me cry when looking at them…

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